Feeling the need to let it all go

Opening Thoughts:

Have you officially done anything to symbolize letting go of the memories of your traumatic experiences? Why or why not?


This exercise is to provide you a chance to begin to have closure from your pain. Write a letter to your offender telling them how their violence harmed you, where you are in your healing process and your vow to be totally restored from this incidence. If you have filed a police report, write a second letter to the detective or judge who will be assigned to your case. Let them know how this incident has impacted your life and how they can help you move on. Select a flower that you like or that represents your coping process.

After writing your letter/s, place it in a capsule. The capsule can be as simple as a bottle or as elaborate as a locked box. Select a safe place to keep the letter. Place your flower in a vase and keep it close to the location of the letter. When you are having a bad day, go back and read your letter.


What is the symbolism of the flower you select to represent yourself?

Closing Thoughts:

How did you feel about writing the letter? Do you think you will re-read it? Why or Why not?