Feeling the need to express your emotions

Opening Thoughts:

How do you want people to see you?


This exercise is called, “Walking Billboard.” Your personal values that drive your behavior are an inner billboard for who you really are. One way to express your emotions is through art. During your coping process, you may feel as though you don’t know what life will be like since this tragedy. One way to begin molding a new ‘you’ is by focusing on how you want to overcome the situation. You will create a visual picture reflecting the new “YOU.”

Using a canvas, paper and/or basic art supplies, create a billboard that portrays how you want others to see you. This personal billboard will symbolize what you intend to reflect about yourself to the public.

Using the following list, select at least two words from the list of Biblical Values that best describe the two strongest values you want your life to reflect that it may not have reflected in the past. Once you select the two words, incorporate them into your billboard design!

Values List:

Patient Charity Gratitude

Kind Compassion Justice

Honesty Dependability Meekness

Trustworthy Discipline Peace

Steadfast Empathy Service

Excellence Focus Valor

In addition to the two words, make sure your design reflects your personal message about preventing violence against women or urging women to avoid the pain of abortion.


Compare your new values to the old you.

Closing Thoughts:

Think about how you will display your billboard to remind you of your change process.