Get involved in national campaigns

Here are a few of our favorite initiatives that you can take part in.

Become a Two-Minute Activist

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  • Clothesline Project— Have people affected by sexual violence decorate a shirt and hang it on a public clothesline as testimony to the problem of sexual violence.
  • V-Day— Hold a performance or a film screening to raise awareness about violence against women and girls.
  • White Ribbon Campaign— Wear a white ribbon,and make a personal pledge to “ never commit,condone,or remain silent about violence against women and girls.”
  • Take Back the Night— Take part in this after-dark march that is popular on college campuses, and make a statement that women have the right to be in public at night without the risk of sexual violence.
  • International Day against Victim-Blaming— Use the hashtag #EndVictimBlaming on April 3, the online day of action to speak out against victim-blaming and to support survivors, and get involved through social media.
  • Denim Day in LA and USA— Wear jeans on April 23 to protest and raise awareness of the misconceptions that surround sexual assault. Order the Denim Day Tool Kit, and raise awareness in your workplace, neighborhood, or community.